Your Appointment

Initial appointment takes on average one hour, during this time the Herbalist will take a full clinical history, Assessment and diagnosis  of problem is based on clinical signs and symptoms, past medical history. Clinical examination includes -Blood pressure, clinical examination of affected system- eg: heart ,chest auscultation and palpation,Traditional  Chinese Tongue  and Pulse diagnosis. 
The Herbalist will summarise and plan the management of condition depending on which patterns and system are imbalanced. Medical herbalists are trained to  carefully monitor for prescription drugs and herbal interactions. We are bound legally and professionally to record any such reactions using the yellow card scheme. That said this is rarely a problem. Herbal medicine aims to treat the root of the problem and enable healing by ones own body.
Herbal medicines are dispensed  usually in tincture form, there may be  6/7 different herbs prescribed in one bottle depending on the complexity of the condition.
We endeavour to use Herbs which are grown organically at Deep Well Farm but also do use Traditional Chinese Herbs because of their amazing and fast results
Nutritional empower client adjustments fundamental .